Tehran (IP) - Iran's minister of health congratulates the people, medical staff, and the Leader of the Islamic Revolution over reaching a day with zero COVID death.

Iran PressIran news: Bahram Einollahi said in a tweet on Thursday: "After 27 months of the Iranian nations' strong fight against the coronavirus and while Europe and the US are reporting high casualties, Iran experienced its first day without COVID-19 death case."

According to NY Times statistics during the past 12 hours, 594 people were reported dead in the US.

He congratulated the success of the Iranian nation and the Leader of the Islamic Revolution and wished peace and solace to those medical staff who got martyred in saving the people's lives during the pandemic.

Iran's ministry of health said for the first time after 27 months, no patient with COVID 19 has died in the country in the past 24 hours.

According to the announcement of the public relations of the Ministry of Health, from yesterday to today, June 2, 2022, and according to the definitive diagnostic criteria, 175 new patients with COVID-19 were identified in the country, and 34 of them were hospitalized.


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