Doha (IP) - The head of the political bureau of the Islamic resistance movement Hamas, stating that Iran's support for Palestine is deep-rooted and long-standing, said: "The people of Gaza were able to force the Israeli regime to accept the terms of the resistance in the cease-fire with their resistance, stability, and standing."

Iran PressWest Asia: Ismail Haniyeh after a three-hour meeting on Thursday night in Qatar with Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Iran, said: "We are happy to meet with the Foreign Minister of the Islamic Republic of Iran, of course, this is not our first meeting since the start of Al-Aqsa operation. Because we are always in contact. In the meeting, we heard Iran's positions in this regard; The positions of the Islamic Republic of Iran are always fixed positions."

In response to a question about the martyrdom of his family members in the attacks of the Israeli regime, he said: "The number of martyrs in Gaza is more than 14,000 people, 65% of whom are women and children. I also presented 12 martyrs from my family to Palestine and 50 people from my relatives have also been martyred. Last night, the Zionist regime targeted and martyred one of my cousins and his wife."

The head of the political bureau of Hamas emphasized: "All these martyrs are sacrifices for the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the liberation of Quds and this Islamic Ummah. Be sure that the martyrs are alive and they are the pride of all of us."

Haniyeh noted: "These are the martyrs who will draw the map of Palestine and the future horizon. The people of Gaza were able to force the Israeli regime to accept the conditions of resistance in the ceasefire with their resistance, stability, and standing.

He continued: "The Zionist regime has almost completely destroyed Gaza and started a mass killing and is trying to move people from the north to the south and lead them to Egypt. The world and international organizations must take a stand against these crimes and introduce the war criminals of this regime to the Hague and international courts. One of the officials of the United Nations admitted that he had never seen such crimes in his lifetime."

Regarding Iran's support for the Palestinian resistance, the Hamas official said: "Iran's support for Palestine is a deep-rooted and long-standing support. The numerous trips that the Iranian minister made all over the world were to bring the voice of the Iranian nation and the Islamic Ummah to the ears of the world."


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