Moscow (IP) - Global de-dollarization has started to take effect, as evidenced by practical measures and conceptual speeches, stated Russian Foreign Minister during the 31st Assembly of the Council on Foreign and Defense Policy on Saturday.

Iran PressEurope:  Sergey Lavrov added that "de-dollarization is underway."

Earlier, Vaola Sambo (Ph.D.), an economics and management expert from the University of South Africa, told TASS that creating a reserve currency for trade purposes is seen by BRICS countries as a step towards de-dollarization, which could reduce reliance on the US dollar.

On 20-21 May 2023, the Foreign and Defense Policy Council holds its annual XXXI Assembly. This year's key theme is 'Self-determination in the midst of the storm. Russia and the World at the Turn of History'. The discussion will focus on Russia's prospects and opportunities in a qualitatively changed international environment.


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