Geneva (IP): Iran’s top human rights official urges world's governments and policymakers to pass laws and devise policies in favor of defending Muslims’ rights and ensure their all-out inclusion within societies.

Iran Press/Europe:  Kazem Gharibabadi, secretary of Iran's High Council for Human Rights, made the remarks at a gathering held in Geneva on Friday to mark the International Day to Combat Islamophobia.

He also emphasized the need for reinforcement of dialog among various religions and the promotion of multiculturalism that can, in turn, contribute to the creation of an environment, in which all individuals feel valued and enjoy participation.  

The official identified the international day as the day of constant confrontation against discrimination and prejudice, which is faced by millions among the members of the international Muslim community.

Gharibabadi defined the purpose behind naming the day as the International Day to Combat Islamophobia as enhancement of understanding, promotion of tolerance, and defending Muslims’ rights.

“Islamophobia, which is rooted in ignorance and wrong information as well as intentional actions, manifests itself in various forms, such as hatemongering, violent attacks, and institutionalized and unfortunately government-sponsored discrimination,” he said.

Over the past three decades, the infamous phenomenon has emerged in various forms, including the publication of sacrilegious cartoons and profane books as well as the burning of the Holy Qur’an, the official noted.

On the occasion of the international day, various communities, organizations, and individuals had to come together to condemn Islamophobia and its pernicious effects on social integrity, Gharibabadi urged.

The United Nations declared March 15 as the International Day to Combat Islamophobia through a resolution back in 2022.

In doing so, the world body urged nations across the international community to adopt clear stances and measures aimed at confronting hatred, discrimination, and violence against Muslims around the globe. 204

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