Iranian-born foreign policy expert Omid Nouripour and outspoken feminist Ricarda Lang and were elected as the new leaders of Germany's Green Party. The two previous leaders, Habeck and Baerbock, are now senior government ministers.

Iran PressEurope: She and Nouripour will take the helm of Germany's most prominent environmentalist party after it received its highest-ever result in September's general election.

The duo will replace Annalena Baerbock and Robert Habeck, who are serving in Germany's coalition government under Chancellor Olaf Scholz. Baerbock is currently the foreign minister, while Habeck serves as vice-chancellor and minister for economic affairs and climate action, Deutsche Welle reported.

The Greens last served in the government in 2005 under Chancellor Gerhard Schröder, 

Nourpour told DW the Greens must "stand together" with its coalition partners on foreign policy amid tensions with Russia.

Lang, a 28-year-old who previously served as a party spokeswoman on women's issues, is seen as part of the party's left-wing, while 46-year-old Nouripour is viewed as more moderate.

Lang tweeted it is an "honor" to lead the party along with Nouripour.

Lang is one of the youngest party leaders in the Greens' history. Nouripour, who was born in Iran, is a foreign affairs expert whose career in the Bundestag spans more than a decade.

On Saturday, Lang told DW the Greens must widen its voter base and "get more people to engage with us and to trust in us, especially in rural areas." 


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