West Asia (IP): The Syrian media announced on Friday that the funeral procession for the victims of yesterday's terrorist attack has begun in this country.

Iran PressWest Asia: On Thursdays, the graduation ceremony of the students of Homs, Syria, was targeted by a drone attack by terrorist groups, and the government of this country announced 3 days of public mourning in mourning for the victims of this terrorist act.

According to Iran press news agency, the Syrian media published pictures and announced that the burial procession of the martyrs of yesterday's terrorist attack in Homs province started in front of the military hospital of this city.

In the latest statistics of the victims of this terrorist attack, the Ministry of Health of Syria announced that "the number of martyrs of the terrorist attack on the graduation ceremony of officer students of the military college in Homs increased to 89 people. 31 of these martyrs were women and 5 of them were children. In this terrorist attack, 277 people were also injured.

So far, various countries and political movements, including Iran, Palestinian groups, the UAE, and Venezuela, have strongly condemned this terrorist attack.


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