Kandahar (IP) - Flash floods and heavy rains in southern Kandahar province of Afghanistan have claimed the lives of at least seven people and damaged thousands of homes and farms.

Iran PressAsia: Seven people have died, and fourteen others have been injured in different parts of Kandahar province, including worst-hit districts like Zhari, Panjwai, Ghori, and Spin Boldak districts.

In the worst incident, one Zhari district resident lost his five children along with his wife in the floods.

Residents in the flood-hit areas have appealed for urgent aid and called on international organizations to provide immediate relief to flood victims.

Floods have cut a wide swath of destruction across the country in the past few weeks leaving thousands of people homeless.

Local officials said thousands of hectares of land had been damaged.

Afghanistan's military helicopters arrived in Kandahar province early Thursday to rescue those trapped due to floods.


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