Nigeria (IP) – The families of the victims of the Abuja to Kaduna train attack have taken to the street on Monday and Tuesday to protest the Nigerian government's negligence in rescuing their parents and relatives.

Iran PressAfrica: On March 28, armed terrorists detonated a bomb on the Abuja to Kaduna rail track and opened fire on the train, which resulted in the death of 8 passengers and the abduction of more than 100.

The protesters were holding banners and placards with the photos of the people captured by the terrorists, calling for the removal of Minister of Transportation, Rotimi Amechi and singing "Amechi must go."

Rukayyatu Jibril, whose mother and father are among the passengers kidnapped, said: "I have had my two parents in captivity, this is their 42nd day in the captivity. We are requesting that the government bring back our loved ones. We have missed them, and the need for the abducted people is really felt in the family; we need them back. We, as the families of the abducted ones, are waiting in anguish; living without them has not been easy, and it's so terrifying. We are requesting that the government make all their efforts to rescue our loved ones."

Some of the victims' relatives, who talked to journalists, weeping, have expressed disappointment with what the minister of transportation has recently been up to. They say the minister of transport has been busy with what is called his presidential ambition, instead of attempting to secure the release of the kidnapped train passengers.

One of the protesters, Abdulfatah Mohammad said: "I have been working to rescue our loved ones, we have been given assurances, Mr. President also directed the management of Nigeria Railway Corporation to give a minute by minutes account of rescue efforts to relatives of the kidnapped passengers, but they failed to do so." 

Abdulfatah, who could not continue talking due to his agony, later told our correspondent that they wanted the Nigerian Minister of Transportation, Rotimi Amechi and the Nigerian Railway Corporation to be punished for their negligence.

A report unconfirmed by the government said negotiations are in process between the government and the terrorists to rescue the kidnapped passengers.


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