Sanandaj (IP)- Iran's President said on Thursday that the enemies of the Islamic Revolution of Iran who have been disappointed by the people of Kurdistan had committed a scandalous miscalculation.

Iran Press/ Iran news: Speaking at the inauguration ceremony of the Sanandaj Water Supply Project, Iran's s President  Ebrahim Raisi said that the enemies of the Islamic Republic of Iran had been disappointed by the People of Kurdistan.

He further said that these enemies had committed scandalous miscalculation to the extent that they thought they could deal Iran a blow by provoking unrests and riots.

"But they realized that such deep rooted tree could not be shaken by such fragile moves." he emphasized.

Iran's President further said that every inch of Kurdistan province's soil witnesses the resistance of the people of Kurdistan. 

Tehran-Hamadan-Sanandaj railway project on agenda, President says

The President stated that the ongoing projects for the development of Kurdistan should be completed faster and noted that one of the demands of the people of this province is the operationalization of the Tehran-Hamadan-Sanandaj railway project, which is being followed seriously.

Ebrahim Raisi, in a meeting with different sections of the people in the Sanandaj Freedom Hall on Thursday, stated that success had been achieved. Today I will be friendly, warm-hearted, and diligent. Resistant people of Kurdistan province and Sanandaj said: The opening of the Hamedan-Sanandaj railway project will facilitate commuting, and we are trying to make it happen faster. 

Referring to his visit to Saqqez airport a few months ago, he said: The backlog of this airport is being done, while I have emphasized that no new project should be defined or planned until these {unfinished} projects are completed.

The President also pointed to the inauguration of the water supply project in Sanandaj and said:

With the inauguration studious Minister of Energy, the Governor General of Kurdistan, the representative of the Leader in Kurdistan, the follow-up of parliament members, contractors, and the has ended, and we are happy that the dear people of Sanandaj can benefit from clean and fresh water.

Operating the Azad Dam water transfer system to the Sanandaj treatment plant, meeting with the people, and meeting with the clerics and elites of the province are the most important plans of the President's one-day trip to Kurdistan province. 

President Raisi: Efforts for Iran's further progress anger enemies

Iran's President warned that the efforts aimed at Iran's further progress had angered the enemies.

In another part of his speech, the President pointed to the recent riots in the country and the province of Kurdistan and emphasized:

Let the enemies die with these grudges, and we should tell them to die with this grudge because the Iranian nation will not stop" progressing."

Raisi continued: "Enemies want to stop the train of the progress of our country from moving, and this depends on the will of you managers and people, and the process of improvement should never be slowed down. 

He stated that Iran's progress in science and technology has angered the enemy and added: "Our academics and scientists speak first not only in the region but also in the world, and this has angered the enemy."

While pointing to the progress of Iran's nuclear, defense, and scientific industries and the anger of the enemy due to these developments, the President reminded:

"Our relationship with the countries of the world and exports in the oil and non-oil field and our share in the regional trade have also angered the enemy."

Raisi emphasized the necessity of academic efforts to develop science and technology more than ever before and said:

"Managers and activists in science and knowledge should try to make progress in this field.


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