Mar 26, 2020 11:43 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Mar 26, 2020 22:11 Asia/Tehran]

"Today we have more hospital beds that have not been used yet," Iranian President said in a speech at the government's economic meeting today.

Iran Press/Iran News: The President added, the country's healthcare system by recruiting 10,000 new nurses solved the problem of lack of nurses to care for Corona patients and today the conditions of Iran are such that our nurses can serve in usual shift work.

According to the president, severe regulations are now in place for social distancing so we can break the Corona chain until April 8 in the country.

"In the economic field, needy people will be provided with 6000 billion Toman of credit," Rouhani highlighted.

He further said, "The other decision was to help businesses that were hurt and provide them with inexpensive facilities if they did not fire workers."

In total, we have allocated 75,000 billion Tomans of banking facilities at a 12 percent interest rate and we are going to contribute 5,000 billion Tomans to the Unemployment Insurance Fund."

Rouhani also said, "One billion dollars will be injected to the country's healthcare system by the National Development Fund."

"In terms of food and necessities, even though we are under sanction situation, we are in a better position than other countries," Rouhani concluded.


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