Nov 10, 2019 16:46 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Dec 15, 2019 14:46 Asia/Tehran]

Bushehr (IP) - AEOI spokesman said that Americans had many claims and dreams on Iran's nuclear program but none of them came true.

Iran Press/Iran news: The US president has claimed that Iran could not do anything, AEOI spokesman Behrouz Kamalvandi in an exclusive interview with Iran Press said.

"Americans speak a lot but it is not anything more than claims and dreams," he added.

"What they are trying to do, even the US former president Barack Obama was much willing to remove all these screws from the nuclear industry of Iran but he was not able to do so," Kamalvandi added.

"We are very much enriched in human resources, technicians and scientists. Of course, we need to cooperate with other countries and you see the world is not just the America or not some western countries we have other countries also willing to cooperate with Iran and today you are witnessing one of these examples the federation of Russia has been working with Iran during the past years," AEOI spokesman underscored.

"Today we are celebrating a very important juncture of time, we have also another power plant which will be ready in 18 months from now it means that industry is not idle. If it is the US vision and dream to stop us they are not successful," the diplomat added.


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