Feb 13, 2020 13:28 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Feb 13, 2020 13:59 Asia/Tehran]
  • Yazd and Georgian city of Poti recognized as Sister Cities
    Yazd and Georgian city of Poti recognized as Sister Cities

The spokesman for Yazd Islamic City Council Hamid Reza Qomi announced that cities of Yazd and Poti in Iran and Georgia respectively have been recognized as the Sister Cities.


 Iran PressAsia: In a session the sisterhood agreement has been inked with the Urban Development officials in both sides in the Georgian city of Poti on Thursday.

The mayor of Poti also expressed readiness for enhancing tourist potentials between the two cities to host the tourist from the both sides.

The historic city of Yazd which is located (623km, 387mi southeast of the capital, Tehran) is believed to be the world's oldest adobe city. Iran, with 22 world heritage sites, is ranked first in the Middle East and eleventh worldwide.

At the status quo, Yazd enjoys sisterhood with world's other 6 cities including Ukrainian city of Lviv and Austrian city of Linz. 207

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