Cairo (IP) - After the victory of Abd al-Fattah al-Sisi in the presidential elections of this country, several Egyptians demanded economic development and political openness from him in the new presidency.

Iran PressAfrica: Iran Press reporter in Cairo reported that despite livelihood problems and severe economic crisis, devaluation of Egypt's currency and increase in inflation rate as well as tightening of the security atmosphere in Egypt, people participated in the presidential elections (December 10) and  Abdel Fattah El-Sisi won with 89.6% of votes, elected as the President for another term.

Ahmed Ibrahim, a young Egyptian, in an interview with Iran Press in Cairo about what he expects from the third term of El-Sisi's presidency, said: "Security is important for Egypt, but the people looking to improve the economic situation and solve livelihood problems."

Mohammed Emareh, another Egyptian citizen, said that El-Sisi has been successful in establishing security, but economic development and prosperity and solving livelihood problems are important. Juma al-Khouli also expressed his satisfaction with the security of Egypt to some extent, but he also demanded to solve the economic problems. He mentioned that the progress in the economy is bringing prosperity.

The development of industrial projects and the provision of people's needs should be the president's top priority. Sameh Mohammed Hassanein and Sabri Abdullah Shahin believed that opening up the political sphere and free expression in Egypt would solve more economic and livelihood problems. 219