Tehran(IP)- The Minister of Economy, while giving statistics on last year's economic growth added: 165 percent has been added to the facilities of knowledge-based companies.

Iran PressIran News: Economy Minister, Ehsan Khandozi in a press conference on Tuesday declared: The total industry production index in last year has grown by 9.6% in all seasons and 23 out of 24 large industries started their production.

Khandozi said: Although we had a challenge in the food industry last year, with the government's action in the second half of the last year, this industry has grown by an average of 2.5%.

While referring to the statistics regarding Iran's economic growth, Khandozi said: The World Bank has declared Iran's economic growth to be 4.7 percent, and the Central Bank has declared economic growth to be 3.5 percent with oil and 4.5 percent without oil.

 The jump in non-oil exports was 53 billion dollars last year, He emphasized.

Referring to the inflation rate, he said: the producer inflation has reached 40.7 in April and 32.8 in May and estimates indicate a decrease in consumer inflation in the coming months too, but this does not means that the government is satisfied with the economic situation and the stability of prices. 

pointing to the government's policy about decentralization of foreign currency-based exchanges, the Minister of Economy said: The share of the dollar and euro in commercial transactions has decreased from 30% to less than 10%.

Khandozi also elaborated on Iran's blocked currency sources and said: the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Central Bank have taken good measures regarding Iran's blocked currencies and the results will be released soon.

In response to the question of the Iran Press reporter on the joint committee for cooperation between Iran and Oman, he stated: At the same time as the Sultan of Oman's visit to Iran, the economic teams of the two countries had visited on the sidelines of the same trip, and the frameworks of interests were also determined. The Iranian delegation is now It is in Muscat and I will tell you about the details after the negotiations.


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