The Cuban Foreign Ministry on Tuesday condemned the presence of a US nuclear submarine in Guantanamo Bay, calling it a tense and provocative act.

Iran PressAmerica: Cuba denounced on Tuesday the presence last week of a nuclear-powered submarine at the US military base in Guantanamo Bay, an unusual event that it described as a “provocative escalation” amid tensions with Washington and a China’s alleged spy base in the country.

The United States has located a military base since 1903 in Guantanamo, on the eastern end of the island, which occupies 117 square kilometers and remains there after the military occupation of the country in 1898 after the intervention in the Cuban war of independence against the Spanish colonialism.

“The presence there of a nuclear submarine at this moment forces us to question what is the military reason for the act in this peaceful region of the world, against what objective is it directed and what strategic purpose is it pursuing,” the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Relations said in a declaration.

The Foreign Ministry has “categorically” refused entry into Guantanamo Bay on July 5 and said the submarine remained until July 8, “constituting a provocative escalation by the United States.”

The White House and the US State Department did not immediately respond to requests for comment, nor did they confirm the presence of the submarine at Guantanamo. 219