Bandar Abass (IP) - In the past 11 months, more than 65 million tons of cargo goods transited through the Shahid Rajaei port as the biggest Iranian port.

Iran Press/Iran news: Shahid Rajaei port, located in Bandar Abbas, province of Hormozgan is the biggest and busiest port in Iran.

"In the past 11 months, near 66 Million tons oil and non-oil cargo transited through Shahid Rajaei port," AlahMorad Afifi-Pour, executive director of Hormozgan’s Ports and Maritime organization told Iran Press.

According to Afifi-Pour, in the same period, near 31-million tons of non-oil goods exported from Shahid Rajaei port.

Also in the past 11 months, 3,362 vessels docked in forty wharfs of Shahid Rajaei port.105/205/213


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