Iranian president, Hassan Rouhani has presented a five-point-plan for the restoration of security and stability to Syria, stating that it is necessary to fight all the terror groups in Syria until terrorism is finally eradicated.

Iran Press/Europe: Speaking at the trilateral Sochi summit in southern Russia on Thursday afternoon, and sitting alongside his Russian and Turkish counterparts, president Rouhani invited the international community to assist Syria in relation to reconstruction of the country, and assistance with regards to return and resettlement of Syrian refugees in their home country.

President Rouhani also emphasized that foreign military forces which are present in Syria illegally, without the permission of the government in Damascus must leave the country forthwith. He also backed Syrian-Syrian dialogue, between the government and opposition, emphasizing that no foreign country should interfere in Syria's domestic affairs and that independence, territorial integrity, and sovereignty of Syria must be respected by everyone at all times. He said the way to establish lasting peace in Syria is through dialogue between all the different groups in Syria.

Iran, Russia, Turkey cooperation on Syria had good achievements

President Hassan Rouhani also met with the President of the Russian Federation on the sidelines of the Sochi Tripartite Summit and said: “Iran, Russia, and Turkey had good achievements with regard to Syria, and the remaining steps, such as the attempt to maintain the territorial integrity of the country and the necessary political processes, must also be taken in coordination”.

Referring to the efforts of some countries, including the United States and the Zionist Regime to support terrorist groups in Syria, president Rouhani also described the Zionist Regime as the root of many of the problems and insecurities in the region.

He also expressed hope that the fourth tripartite summit in Sochi would take another important step to provide peace and security in the region.

Russia’s role in consolidating JCPOA very important

The president also stressed Russia's very important role in sustaining the JCPOA, emphasizing that Europe needed to compensate for its delays in fulfilling its obligations.

During the same meeting, the Russian President said, “There is no evidence of violation of Iran's obligations,” emphasizing that Russia strongly backs the JCPOA.

Vladimir Putin added, "We appreciate Iran's cooperation in the framework of its commitments, and hope that both sides will fulfill their obligations".

The fourth trilateral meeting between the Iranian, Russian, and Turkish presidents took place in Black Sea resort of Sochi on Thursday.

The three presidents discussed terrorism in the region, as well as the situation in Syria, the return of Syrian refugees to their homes, the Astana peace negotiations, the situation in Syria's Idlib province, the withdrawal of US military forces from Syria, and Syria's new constitution. 103/211 

Videos taken from  RT & Reuters

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