Leader's top military adviser said that Iran’s advisory presence in Syria continues as far as Damascus is asking Tehran to do so.

Iran Press/Iran news: Major General Hassan Firouzabadi added that as far as terrorists are in Syria and the country asks help from Tehran, Iran will continue its advisory presence in Syria.

He also said that Iran’s advisory presence in Syria is upon the official request of Damascus for fighting against  terrorism, IRNA reported.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Firouzabadi regretted US decision to hold an anti-Iran conference in Poland and said that Americans have chosen a country for this purpose, whose people were rescued by Iran during World War II.

Most likely, countries who enjoy power and dignity have not given in to US pressures [to host the conference], so they [Americans] have misused Poland, he said.

Firouzabadi added that US will not obtain any result from the summit but Poland will be negatively affected in the international community.105


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