The 10th edition of Tehran Auction, the biggest sale of artworks in Iran, presenting both classic and modern Iranian art was held on Friday at Parsian Azadi Hotel in Tehran.

Iran Press/Iran news: A total of 114 works from 105 Iranian contemporary artist went under the hammer among which was an untitled work by the late Iranian filmmaker, Abbas Kiarostami.

The works included 75 paintings, 19 calligrams, 14 statues, and six photographs, with their total worth between 250-350 billion Rials ($2.5 million to $3.5 million), Iran Press reported.

The most seasoned artist participating in the auction this year was Monir Shahroudy Farmanfarmaian (born 1922), who is noted as one of the most prominent Iranian artists of the contemporary period and had the Monir Museum open in her honor in Tehran in 2017.

Among the high-priced works were two by Farmanfarmaian, one work priced between 20-30 billion Rials (roughly $300,000), and the othe rwent under the hammer at $30-40 billion Rials ($400,000).

Other notable high-priced works were two by artist and graphic designer Koorosh Shishegaran (born 1945), that went under the hammer at 8bn-12bn Rials, and the other at 4-6 billion Rials.

An untitled work by the legendary Iranian filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami also went under the hammer at 2-3 billion Rials ($20,000 - $30,000). 101/211