East Azerbaijan (IP) – Iran's President says the country's scientific and technological progress has surprised other countries in the world and has disappointed the enemies.

Iran PressIran News:  Iran's President Ebrahim Raisi met with people of different walks of life in Tabriz of East Azerbaijan, a northwestern country, on Thursday evening.  

Raisi highlighted the technology parks and centers as one of the areas of the country's progress trend and said that whenever the foreign countries' authorities travel to Iran, they visit the centers. 

He said that the visitors got so surprised that how the progresses have been achieved while being under the West's harsh sanctions. 

Raisi told the Azeri people that the martyrs, the late Imam Khomeini, and the Leader of the Islamic Revolution taught the Iranian nation a lesson, that through believing in God and hope the country could achieve success and progress. 

He stressed a strong and powerful Iran as a high goal to accomplish, the manifestation of which he said is the increase of production, adding that one aspect of the production is defined in terms of military area including missiles. 

President Raisi pointed to the economic progress of the country and said that Iran's trade has reached currently $53 billion today.

The Iranian president said that the enemies want to prevent Iran from accomplishing advancement, production, and self-sufficiency, but the Iranian nation disappointed them.


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