Tehran (IP)- The Foreign Minister of Brunei, Erywan bin Pehin Yusof, recently visited Iran's Innovation and Technology House in Tehran to explore opportunities for collaboration between the two countries in the field of medicinal plants and traditional medicine.

Iran PressIran news:  During his visit, Yusof expressed interest in the achievements of Iran's knowledge-based companies and praised the country's progress despite facing sanctions.

Mojtaba Ghadamgaahi, head of the International Business Development Office, highlighted the cultural commonality between Iran and Brunei as Muslim countries. He noted that Islamic medicine and medicinal plant companies were keen on partnering with Iranian knowledge-based companies.

Ghadamgaahi also emphasized that many of Iran's innovations in medicinal plants and traditional medicine were particularly intriguing to Yusof.

This visit marks a significant step towards strengthening ties between Iran and Brunei in this important field.


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