Tehran (IP) - The unveiling ceremony of the industrial microwave disinfection device and organizing X-ray irradiation was held on Wednesday evening at the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran.

Iran PressIran news: In this ceremony, Mohammad Eslami, head of the Atomic Energy Organization said: "What we said is happening and people are seeing the effects of nuclear technology in their lives."

The head of the Atomic Energy Organization emphasized: "Community health and food security are two issues that we have expanded our activities to achieve more than past."

Referring to the fact that the process of turning an idea into a product in the Atomic Energy Organization takes between three and four months, Eslami said: "The necessary infrastructures have been created and we are seeing their results."

Adding that the agricultural sector can benefit from nuclear achievements in its processes, Mohammad Eslami said: "The power of the microwave disinfection device is between 600 kilos to one ton per hour." 

Later, Mohammad Aghamiri, caretaker of the Ministry of Agriculture, referring to this year's motto by the leader as "inflation control and production increase", said: "It is the increase in production that helps to reduce inflation."

Aghamiri added: "The increase in production depends on knowledge-based companies and nuclear technology."

He added: 'Nuclear knowledge helps us in health-oriented food production and food security by increasing productivity and maintaining production."

Aghamiri pointed out that the issue of "pests" has always been one of our main problems in agriculture and said: "Today, the production of these devices is a great help to the agricultural sector, and we welcome it because 30% of the wastage of agricultural products is prevented."


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