Urmia (IP) - Governor of Dohuk, Kurdistan Region of Iraq stated, there are cultural, artistic, racial, and linguistic links between the Kurdistan Region of Iraq and Iran, and today the neighbors should have the best relations and links.

Iran PressMiddle East: Ali Teter, in an exclusive interview with IranPress reporter in Urmia, said relations between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Kurdistan Region of Iraq are to the benefit of both sides.

Pointing to the recent meeting of the border governors of the Kurdistan region of Iraq with governors of the border provinces of Iran in Urmia Ali Teter named it an "important and commendable action" and added: This meeting was held to expand economic, cultural, and tourism cooperation in order to provide the best services to the people, tourists, and businessmen.

Ali Teter said, agreements were reached about import and export, and there was also a discussion on the commute of pilgrims to the holy shrines in Iraq.

The governor emphasized that the Kurdistan Region of Iraq has the oldest relationship with the Islamic Republic, so we should be together and globalize our view.

Ali Teter, Dohuk Governor of the Iraqi Kurdistan Region, participated in the joint meeting of border governors of the Islamic Republic of Iran and Iraqi Kurdistan Region on June 1 and 2, 2023 in Urmia, the capital of West Azerbaijan Province.


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