Tehran (IP) - Reza-Morad Sahraee has been appointed as the new Minister of Education, receiving a resounding vote of confidence from members of the Parliament. Following a session that involved spirited debates and the expression of contrasting viewpoints, Sahraee secured the trust of the majority of MPs through a notable display of support.

Iran PressIran News: On Tuesday, the proposed Minister of Education presented his views and plans to the assembled Parliament, offering a glimpse into his vision for the country's educational system. During the subsequent discussion, representatives from various political factions passionately voiced their opinions, both in support and opposition to the nominee.

In a decisive moment, the Members of Parliament cast their votes, resulting in a clear mandate in favor of Sahraee. Out of the total 269 votes, an overwhelming majority of 168 MPs expressed their confidence in him, while 86 votes were cast against his appointment.

Presenting his plans in the open chamber of the Iranian Parliament on Tuesday, Reza-Morad Sahraee stressed the importance of spiritual nurture and soul refinement of the students as an essential part of the Ministry of Education's mission.

Sahraee said that today the ministry and other executive agencies of the country are facing a generation – the digital natives – whose experience either equals or surpasses the previous generations, noting that efforts must be made to fill the gap. 

Making education a skill-based process and turning the schools into skill-learning centers where every student would possess their own skill was among the plans of the proposed minister who put special emphasis on learning instead of memorization. 

He referred to inefficient governance, ignoring the quality and quantity of the ministry's staff (the teachers), memorization-based learning approach, and poor educational justice as the pathology of the ministry.

Avoiding the politicization of education, removing educational inequality, and moving within the Islamic Revolution's framework was among the proposed minister.   


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