Rawalpindi (IP) - A famous Pakistani man of thought called the Late Imam Khomeini (RA) was a towering figure who introduced the true face of Islam and humanity to the world whose vision was the development between Iran and the Arab world.

Iran PressAsia: “I think Imam Khomeini Rehmatulla Aleh (RA) was a towering figure for not just Muslims but the rest of the oppressed world as well because he raised the slogan for the change actually and what was the change, the true Islamic concept of the brotherhood and for peace and prosperity of the mankind not just the Muslim specific” expressed Abdullah Gul, a famous man of thought and son of a former ISI Chief General Hameed Gul while talking to Iran Press.

He further added: "I think that wave jolted the whole world and that was the case where Imam Khomeini’s personality became so strong that everywhere in the world he was being discussed. And today the revolution of Islam, that revolution you know, told by the West that it is only for Iran specifically, no it was not."

Abdullah Gul said that today it is proven that the revolution of Imam Khomeini never ended and still going on, adding: "look, how Imam Khomeini’s dream came true when the Arabs and the Iranians are coming together, it is a clear victory of Imam Khomeini’s ideology, and again that was not specific just for the Shia Muslims but it was for the whole of the Muslim world."

He added that because it was a message of resilience, it was a message of peace, it was a message of Muslim unity and brotherhood that was the message and now his vision can be seen in the Arab Peninsula and especially with reference to the Palestine struggle."

Discussing the recent international politics and the vision of Imam Khomeini he said that whatever Imam pointed out things are moving in that direction, and above all, Iran was always a nation, even before Islam they were a dominating nation and a dominating country that time, a very strong civilization, very strong cultural ties, of course very strong beliefs & nationalism.

Abdullah Gul added that nationalism was moved to Islamization, this was the beauty of Imam Khomeini’s vision and then of course a man of such a strong character, where you know he did not bow other than Allah.

He said: "So this means the man was never being charged for corruption, his character was above than humanitarian needs. This was only for Allah, this was only for Quran, this was only for the Holy Prophet and this was for Islam."

While paying tribute to Imam Khomeini he said that he thinks the resilience that Imam Khomeini and the strong nation of Iran showed was the true picture of the great sacrifices made in the Karbala so because in the Karbala we get the message that we must not bow down in front of the world powers, but there’s only one power and that’s Allah and this is the message Imam Khomeini gave that you believe in Allah, trust in Allah and do the right and he (Imam Khomeini) made it happen and today the whole world is witnessing it."


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