Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has stressed that a top priority of Iran's foreign policy is to have close and strategic relations with neighboring and regional countries.

Iran Press/Iran news: Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said: "In current circumstances, creating close and strategic relations with our neighbors should be our priority because if we could achieve this goal, our problems would be solved."

Rouhani made the remarks in a cabinet session on Wednesday, Iran Press reported.

The President added: “All ministries that have foreign communications and exchanges should work harder to develop foreign relations, because foreign relations are different from foreign policy.”

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Rouhani described reforming and reinforcing economic structures essential and said: “We should follow a path in which our economy is not harmed by the earthquake of sanctions, pressure and enemies conspiracies.”

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani added: “To make our economy stronger, cooperation and coordination among all branches of the government and people’s support is very important.”

Stating that the government was able to prepare the budget bill on time despite pressures and sanctions, president Rouhani said: “The most important objective of the budget bill is to improve people’s lives.”

In further comments, president Rouhabni said: “We should work hard to control and manage the price of goods, and in doing so, regulatory organs need to be more active. The government will try to not reduce the subsidies that are given to different services. Energy and health subsidies will continue to stay in place.”

Commenting on the importance of getting e-government, up and running, the President said: “This is very important because we do not have enough information about lower classes.”

Iranian President continued: “Subsidies must remain in place, but they need to be goal-oriented, conditional and temporary."

Rouhani also advised ministers and officials to be transparent in reporting on their activities, saying: “Ministers must transparently report to people on what activities they are planning to carry out.” 101/ 211 / 201

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