Tehran(IP)- Iran's Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman described the recent statements of the President of Ukraine against the Islamic Republic of Iran as a projection to divert public opinion and a political show mixed with baseless claims.

Iran PressIran News: Nasser Kanaani added: "The Islamic Republic of Iran has always declared that it is against the war in Ukraine and its continuation, is very sorry for the suffering of the people of Ukraine, and emphasizes the need to find a political solution to end it as soon as possible, and is ready to assist in its realization."

He emphasized: "Repeating the false claims of the President of Ukraine against the Islamic Republic of Iran is in harmony with the propaganda and media war of the anti-Iranian axis against the government and people of Iran, and is done in a bid to attract as much arms and financial aid as possible from Western countries."

The spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs went on to say that political claims and demonstrations against the Islamic Republic of Iran do not change the realities of the war in Ukraine, and pointed out Iran's readiness to continue professional negotiations with Ukraine and added: "The Ukrainian side's avoidance of professional negotiations with the Iranian side in order to investigate the claims, proves their baselessness and the existence of specific political goals and motives behind such accusations against the Islamic Republic of Iran."


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