Tehran(IP)- The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Iran called for strengthening banking cooperation with Iraq as much as possible.

Iran PressIran news: According to the General Department of Information and Spokesperson Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir- Abdollahian and Iraqi Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein discussed the latest state of relations between them in a telephone conversation on Thursday evening.

The foreign ministers of Iran and Iraq emphasized the implementation of the security agreement signed between the two countries.

The need to strengthen Iran's gas transmission lines to Iraq and regional cooperation were among the other topics discussed by the foreign ministers of the two countries.

Amir- Abdollahian also appreciated the financial and banking transfer related to the pilgrimage of Baitullah Al-Haram pilgrims from the Islamic Republic of Iran's credit facility from Iraq and stressed strengthening the banking cooperation between the two countries as much as possible.

Among the Arab countries of West Asia, Iraq has the most cultural and religious affinities with Iran.

Having the longest border among the neighbors (about 1258 km land border and 351 km water border), racial, historical, and linguistic ties, religious commonalities, and the existence of threats and the common security and economic interests are considered important points in Iran-Iraq relations.

Expanding relations between Iran and Iraq in recent years has always been on the agenda of the authorities of the two countries due to the many cultural, political, and religious similarities.


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