Tehran (IP) - Venezuela's Minster of Culture stressed that media power of the world has become a device that causes anger and hatred in the international arena, and of course, spreads the Islamophobia, but Iran and Venezuela can overcome them through cultural activities.

Iran PressIran News: The unveiling ceremony of "April, Inside the Coup", a book written by Venezuela's Minster of Culture, Ernesto Villegas Poljak was held in Tehran on May 19, 2023.

In response to Iran Press News Agency, Poljak noted: "Coups continue in various forms, supported by imperialism, so we must overcome them taking advantage of cultural measures."

He said: "In cultural fields, we had plans to communicate with all the nations of the world, of course, people who have an identity and want to communicate within the framework of their own identity."

Poljak added that Iranians, like Venezuelans, fought to preserve their independence, and stability, so they stand all together and unite.

Caracas, Tehran enjoy deep commonalities: Iranian minister

Iranian Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance stressed that Iran and Venezuela have a lot in common.

Mohammad Mehdi Ismaili said: "We have stood together to establish freedom and independence, and we will stay together to implement justice in the international arenas."

Attending the event, Ismaili emphasized: "Venezuelans resisted the US and imperialism and achieved stability, and now they are developing economically, politically, and culturally."

He stated: "There are many commonalities between the two nations of Iran and Venezuela which are both specific in terms of economy and politics, and in the field of culture."

Ismaili added: "We witnessed the national unity among Venezuelans during our trip to the country, and despite all the problems that imperialism imposed against them, they have resisted against the oppression, and have been expanding their culture."

He expressed hope that the expansion of cultural interactions between the two countries will continue, and a cultural and artistic agreement will be signed, and cultural weeks will be held in the two countries soon.

He went on to conclude that the two countries intend to develop their relations in film, music, and theater fields.


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