Sana'a (IP)- The director of the Sana'a Center for Strategic Studies said the agreement between Saudi Arabia and Iran will have a positive impact on important developments in the region, and Yemen is one of them.

Iran PressMiddle East: In an interview with the Iran Press reporter in Sana'a, Abdul Aziz Abu Talib explained the importance of the agreement between Iran and Saudi Arabia, adding: "The region is witnessing a wave of reconciliation not only at the level of Iran and Saudi Arabia but also at the level of Egypt, Turkey, and other countries."

The Executive Director of Dar Al-Khebra Center for Studies and Development, Ibrahim Al-Lawzi, in an interview with IranPress reporter in Sana'a, said that Iran and Saudi Arabia are two important countries in the region, and the agreement between the two countries to normalize the relations has an impact on regional developments.

With the positive evaluation of the agreement between Iran and Saudi Arabia, Ibrahim Al-Lawzi stated: "China intelligently intervened in the case of Iran and Saudi Arabia and was able to reconcile the differences between the two powers in the region."

With the mediation of China, after 7 years, Iran and Saudi Arabia improved their relations and reopened their embassies in Tehran and Riyadh. This important agreement was welcomed by the countries of the West Asian region as well as other ones.


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