Istanbul (IP) - 'Art Day' International exhibition was opened in Istanbul with the artworks of two Iranian artists.

Iran PressAsia: The international 'Art Day' exhibition representing artworks of Behnaz Poorang and Amir Ahadi, two Iranian artists, was held in caravanserai hall in Kültür Park in Istanbul.

The international 'Art Day' exhibition was held with the aim of cultural-artistic exchange in line with peacemaking, and friendship among countries.

The artistic event was opened in the presence of the deputy mayor of the Büyükçekmece district, the gallery manager, the secretary of the exhibition, some university professors, and artists.

The exhibition will last for 5 days.

This art event was opened on the occasion of 'Art Day' with the works of Yavuz Deniz, a Turkish painter, and 25 other painters and sculptors from different countries in the Caravanserai Hall.

Banooye Irani, and Baazi Chovgan, Behnaz Poorang, and Amir Haddadi's works were on display in the exhibition.


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