On the eve of the "Land Day" anniversary, the Palestinian Mujahideen movement once again emphasized its commitment to the complete liberation of the occupied Palestinian territories.

Iran PressMiddle East: March 30 marks the anniversary of Land Day in Palestine. In the history and culture of the Palestinian people’s struggle, Land Day is reminiscent of the protests and voices of the Palestinian people living under occupation against the Zionist occupiers who, after the occupation of the Palestinian territories, have usurped and confiscated the lands of the main inhabitants of the Palestinian territories and replaced them with migrant Zionists.

The day is a milestone in the process of the Palestinian people’s struggle and resistance against the Zionist regime’s occupation policy, and, accordingly, Land Day is still an indispensable part of the oppressed Palestinian people’s political life and struggle that has been shaped and has continued in protest at the violence, racial prejudice, seizure of lands, destruction of villages and displacement of Palestinians.

"The land of Palestine is an Islamic waqf land [endowed] for the benefit of Muslims throughout the generations and no one in any position is allowed to give up an inch of it," the movement stated on Thursday.

The statement said:

- We emphasize that the policy of resistance is the option considered by all the Palestinian people, which was proved by the blood of the martyrs of the heroic operations of Be'er Sheva, Al-Kadera, and occupied Tal al-Rabi.

- We emphasize our firm right to defend the Palestinian nation and will remain faithful to the promise until the liberation of the Land and the restoration of rights to the owners of this land.

- The occupying temporary regime has no right to survive in our land; we will expel it from our lands because the regime does not understand anything but the language of war and force.

- We call on all the Palestinian people, wherever they are, to adhere to every inch of Palestinian lands and not neglect them, and to the fixed Palestinian rights and principles, including the right of the refugees to return to their land, which was forcibly driven from it in 1948.

- We ask the Islamic Ummah and Arab nations to support the Palestinians and their connection with the Land in all ways and with all the possibilities against the racist policies of the occupying regime, as well as to unify the efforts and goals to eliminate the oppression of the Palestinian nation and the beloved Jerusalem al Quds.

- We once again declare our complete opposition to the moral and national crime of normalizing relations through which the Zionist regime is trying to create a wall to protect its fragile existence and legitimize its presence in Palestinian lands.