Tehran (IP) - The 'Zafar Nationwide Social Security Promotion and Theft Prevention Exercise' was held on Sat., Mar. 25, 2023.

Iran PressIran news: Attending the event, the commander of Iranian Police Special Units Brigadier General Hassan Karami said that the units are ready to deal with any kind of threat at any time and disturb the people's peace.

He said: "We can adjust our organization according to the geographical status or any threats, we have the equipment suitable for any type of mission which are homemade."

Brigadier General Hassan Karami pointed to the recent unrest in the country and said that in the recent super-sedition that we left behind with victory, we were able to ground the enemy with all his strength and talent in terms of material, and human power.

He further noted: "We have forced the enemies to knelt down during the unrest and did not let them get what they intended."

Hassan Karami emphasized: "Today, convergence, unity, and cohesion between the regional governments are being formed, so there is not any trace of the Greater Middle East plan and the plan of the Zionist regime, because they have no place in the region."


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