Tehran (IP) - The spokesman of Iran Ministry of Foreign Affairs (IMFA) says the French authorities had better hear the voice of their people and stop cracking down on them instead of instigating riots in other countries.

Iran PressIran News: In the wake of ratifying a bill on reforms to retirement law in France, the French people began their protests on March 17, which has been continuing with the French police suppressing the people in the cities, including Bordeaux. 

Nasser Kanani wrote in a tweet on Friday, addressing the French authorities: "Iran does not support destruction and rebel, but it believes that instead of creating chaos in other countries, you had better listen to the voice of your people and avoid violence against them."

French protesters have set fire to the Bordeaux municipality and firefighters have joined the protesters.

The French Ministry of the Interior reported on Friday morning that 123 security forces were injured and 80 protesters, including 58 in Paris, were arrested in the country.

The spokesman of Iran's Ministry of Foreign Affairs invited the French government to hold talks with the people, reminding the French officials of the fact that such practicing violence has nothing to do with preaching morals to others.

Kanani said that the protesters were awaiting the video clip of the European, Australian, and Canadian female ministers in support of the French women. 

The demonstration beginning on March 17, is the ninth round of protests that France's major syndicates have planned since January.

It is the very France, among other Western states, that interfered with the Iranian domestic affairs, fueling the recent riots in Iran – which was instigated from mid-September - through media support for the rebels and terrorist elements it has sheltered in Paris. 

The rioters damaged public property, stabbed policemen, and opened fire on the security forces. They even attacked ambulances and set fire to them.  


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