Venezuela's oil minister Tareck El Aissami said on Monday he will resign and at least six officials were arrested following investigations by police into corruption, including at state-owned oil company Petroleos de Venezuela (PDVSA).

Iran PressAmerica: "In light of the investigations that have begun about serious occurrences of corruption at PDVSA, I have taken the decision to present my resignation as Minister of Oil, with the intent to support, accompany, and totally back this process," El Aissami, who has been the minister since 2020, said on Twitter.

Venezuelan anti-graft police arrested a mayor, two judges, and three government officials, at least two of whom are connected with PDVSA, state television and sources familiar with the matter said earlier on Monday.

Arresting government officials for corruption is rare in Venezuela, which rights groups such as Transparency International have described as opaque.

El Aissami has been under US sanctions since 2017 for alleged connections to drug trafficking, which he denies.