Tehran (IP) - The President of Iran's Securities and Exchange Organization announced the body's plans to facilitate the entry of knowledge-based companies into the stock exchange.

Iran PressIran news: The Securities and Exchange Organization President, Majid Eshghi held a press brief on Mar.13, 2023.

Majid Eshghi told reporters in a press brief on Monday that the knowledge-based company's entry to the stock exchange will be implemented in various fields, including companies in digital, economy, creativity, and innovation areas.

Stressing the Securities and Exchange Organization's improvement in stock market levels, Eshghi added that the required dealing infrastructure would be operational in the coming year so that the body would enjoy an indigenous stock market.

Still, Eshghi said: "The development of investment funds is another measure that is on the new year's agenda to facilitate indirect investment in the stock market and reduce the shareholders' losses."


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