Tehran (IP) - The Chairman of the Budget Bill Consolidation Commission said: "Parliamentarians pay attention to people's livelihood concerns."

Iran PressIran news: According to Iran Press news agency, Seyyed Shams-Aldin Hosseini, the head of the consolidation commission of the country's budget bill 1402, in a press conference on Sunday said: "The country's budget in the government bill, It was about 5 thousand 110 thousand Million Toman, which decreased to 4 thousand 975, therefore the budget of the whole country has decreased by 2.6%.

The representative of the people of Tankabon, Ramsar and Abbas Abad stated that, in the discussion of the budget of the public resources of the government, it increased by about 3.9% from 1984 Thousand Million Toman to 2 2062, which means that the total budget of the country decreased by about 2.6%. which is almost unprecedented.

He added: "The budget of governmental companies and for-profit institutions affiliated with the government and banks also faced a decrease of 7%, and the general budget of the government increased by 3.9%."


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