Damascus (IP) - The Speaker of the Syrian Parliament said in a meeting with the delegation of the Parliamentary Friendship Group of Iran that the stable relations between the two countries have been mixed and strengthened by the blood of martyrs.

Iran PressIran News: At the request of the Syrian government, the Islamic Republic of Iran provided advisory assistance to this country in the fight against Takfiri and ISIS terrorists, and finally, with the help of the Islamic Republic and resistance groups, Syria was able to win against the Takfiri and ISIS terrorists.

Hammouda Sabbagh, Speaker of the Syrian Parliament, in a meeting with the delegation of the Parliamentary Friendship Group of the Islamic Republic of Iran headed by Abbas Golroo, referred to the depth of the long-standing and historical relations between the two countries and stated that with the unity of the leaders of the two countries, these relations are developing and progressing.

Sabbagh thanked the people of Iran for standing by the Syrian nation in the painful disaster of the earthquake.

The speaker of the Syrian parliament also stated that Damascus will never forget the first action of the Islamic Republic of Iran in closing the embassy of the Zionist regime and opening the embassy of Palestine, and stated that the enemies of Iran and Syria have used all weapons since then, including sanctions against the two countries. But the position of Tehran and Damascus is to continue fighting with arrogance until victory is achieved.

Referring to the attacks of the Israeli regime on different areas of Syria, Hammouda Sabbagh stated that the Israeli regime targeted civilians, public places, residential places, and ancient and historical monuments and caused a lot of human and financial losses, which led to deaths and injuries. A large number of civilians.

In this meeting, Abbas Golroo also emphasized the improvement of relations between Tehran and Damascus and said that the first and main reason for Syria's victory over terrorism was the people's resistance and the bravery of the war-torn country's army.


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