Abadan (IP) - Hossein Salami, the IRGC top commander, said: "We know that the world will not be safe without Iran's will to provide security."

Iran PressIran news: Speaking at a conference in Abadan, Salami added: "The enemy's goal is to tire and frustrate our people, turn our history upside down, and erase our identity, and this is a fact. "We, who are constantly monitoring the strategies of the enemies, have realized that the enemies are trying to separate our youth from past glories. No nation can be separated from its history," he said.

Salami added: "Our youth do not know Europe and they do not know America well. Today, in the war in Ukraine, the EU has started an uproar against Iran by accusing us. But they should look at their behavior during the sacred defense, the blisters (caused by Saddam's use of chemical weapons made in Europe) on the skin of our soldiers. Who filled Iraq's chemical arsenals? he asked, answering: "It was you who provided chemical weapons to Saddam to use against Iranian youths, many of whom were treated in Europe. You Germans, English, and French saw them in your hospitals."

Addressing European leaders Salami said: "You, France, Mr. Macron, gave Iraq a plane and other warfare. The British maintained the Iraqi defense system and provided all kinds of weapons to Saddam." "The Americans were managing the crisis in the international forums and mobilized everyone against us."

"Westerners killed millions of Iranians by famine and exiled the Shah of Iran and replaced him with another Shah," said Salami. The capitals and cities have become a safe haven for the opponents of the Islamic Republic and separatists, but we are patient and adjusted the range of our weapons so that Europe is not threatened, said the IRGC commander. "These days Europe has a leading role in sanctioning Iran while we can launch a big economic war against them," the commander noted, adding: "We can also increase the range of our weapons.

"Europeans are alive with two things: "oil" and "security", they should be careful and not put themselves in danger, he warned. Westerners used everything they could against Iran. They had maximum pressure, we have no worries and we found our way. We know that the world will not be safe without Iran's will, and Iran wants to maintain security in the world, but not exploited Iran's sobriety which is limited," Salami ended.


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