Iran (IP) - Medical Tourism is becoming popular in the world. Iran with high standards in medical research and health care services, at affordable costs is a distinctive destination.

Iran PressIran News: Medical Tourism or Health Tourism is indeed not a new phenomenon, but goes back to ancient Greece, where people flocked to temples dedicated to the art of healing.

Today’s medical tourism has focused on two concepts: expertise and affordability. Alongside its multifaceted tourist attractions, Iran is a destination for numerous medical tourists who pick Iran because not only its surgeons and specialists are deft, but also given the fluctuations of exchange rate, the costs of sugary and treatments are very low.

Bu Ali Sina (Avicenna) was pioneer in Iranian medicine


History of Medicine in Iran

The practice and study of medicine in Persia has a long and prolific history. The Iranian academic centers like Jundishapur (Gundeshapur) University (3 century AD) were a breeding ground for the union among great scientists from different civilizations. These centers successfully followed their predecessors' theories and greatly extended their scientific research tharough history.

Avicenna's Canon was the main source of medicine in Europe


Some of the earliest practices of ancient Iranian medicine have been documented in the Avesta and other Zoroastrian religious texts. The sixth book of Zend-Avesta contains some of the earliest records of history of ancient Iranian medicine. The Vendidad in fact devotes most of the last chapters to medicine. 


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Avicenna known as Prince of Physicians in west and chief master of all sciences in Muslim world is the celebrated Iranian physician and philosopher who was particularly noted for his contributions in the field of Aristotelian philosophy and medicine. He composed the Canon of Medicine that became the preeminent source of medicine among western medical scholars from the early 14 to the mid-16 century.

Iran medical museum



Iran: A growing market for medical tourism

Due to the temperate climate, well-trained medical experts,  and the latest version of medical innovations, Iran occupies an important position in the medical travel industry in the region. Iran is considered a safe destination, and the beauty of the country, as well as the abundance of sunshine, therapeutic natural springs and unique cuisine make it a favorite spot for many medical travelers.

A hote-hospital in Tehran equipped with latest medical instruments


The health tourism industry continues to grow significantly as a result of today’s comprehensive treatment needs. Fortunately, Iran, with its location in an appropriate area where many of its neighbors require quality care, is making tremendous progress in terms of health and treatment. The high capabilities of the health system have created a unique opportunity for the country. In addition to treating people seeking treatments in the region, it can open a way to bring a significant income to Iran.

High quality service is offered to medical tourists in Iran


Today, more than 135 medical centers in Iran have obtained a registration certificate for international patients under the strict supervision of the Ministry of Health. Every time international patients are admitted by these hospitals, they can be safely treated medically, says Hassan Rashki, Iranian expert in medical tourism.Bone marrow transplantation – an important treatment for blood cancer – can be a valuable accomplishment to the country’s healthcare industry with a success rate of over 90%, “Rashki added.

Iran provides high standards of medical care in the region


Ophthalmology services in Iran are among the most credible countries in the world. Iran is considered the second best country in terms of quality of ophthalmological treatment to Spain. According to medical reports, infertility treatments and researches done in Iran are very progressive and the success rate meets the highest international standards. Many people in need of infertility health care, from neighboring countries receive treatment for these services in Iranian hospitals.


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Performing all types of cancer surgery, gynecological diseases, orthopedic surgery and heart disease in the country’s hospitals is the order of the day, and a large number of Iranian doctors are ready to treat all diseases with the best possible form. Experts predict that if the various therapeutic capabilities of Iran are introduced in the target countries, Iran will easily have the potential to raise $ 4 billion for health tourism annually.


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