Tehran(IP) - The Director of the Regional Center for Urban Water Management under UNESCO and the Advisor to the Minister of Energy announced Iran's readiness to help the countries in the region in adapting to the climate and manage water challenges.

Iran PressIran news: According to Iran Press, "Mohammed Haj Rasouliha" said on Thursday at the 13th meeting of the Board of Governors of the Regional Center on Urban Water Management (RCUWM): "Since this meeting began to work 5 months ago, regarding national strategies Adaptation to climate change in connection with the water challenge, a draft plan has been prepared."

He pointed out: "Based on Iran's aboriginal policies, we in the government, along with the Ministry of Agriculture Jihad and the Ministry of Energy are implementing these strategies for Iran, and if other countries are interested in this field, we are ready to use the expert team to implement this course to help the countries of the region."

Haj Rasouliha said:" 8 agendas will be presented in line with these topics.

He also pointed out: "In 2023, due to the occurrence of recent destructive floods in the world, a book on comprehensive flood management is being prepared nationally, which will be presented for further use."


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