Permanent Representative of Russia to the United Nations said that Ukraine has become a test place for new types of West's weapons at the cost of the lives of Russians and Ukrainians.

Iran PressAmerica: By intensifying the pressure of sanctions against the Russian Federation and supplying all kinds of light and heavy weapons to Kiyv, the European and Western countries not only did not take a step towards ending the war in Ukraine, but also fueled the fire of conflicts in this country.

Vassily Nebenzia, Russia’s ambassador to the UN, also spoke during Wednesday’s meeting, drawing attention to the “never-ending conveyor belt” of new supplies flooding into Ukraine over the last three months.

He also spotlighted rising share prices of certain defence companies, noting that Western countries have found in Ukraine a pretext with which to significantly increase their defence budgets and the revenues of domestic arms producers.

Meanwhile, he said, those same countries are sending mercenaries and service personnel to the Ukrainian battlefield, without which Kyiv would not be able to operate Western weapon systems. 

Against that backdrop, he said, Kyiv and its supporters are responsible for a range of glaring violations of international humanitarian law, carried out by their proxies. 219