Tehran (IP)- The representative of the Hamas movement in Tehran noted that the victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran has changed many blocks in international relations and political re-engineering was done in the region.

Iran PressIran news: Representative of the Hamas movement, Khaled Al-Qadoumi during his speech at the "National Conference on the Revolution forty-fifth spring; Quds on the eve of freedom" said: "With the victory of the Islamic revolution, many blocks in the international relations were changed and political reengineering was done in the region, so that the Zionist regime turned from an ally into an enemy of Iran, and Iran changed its nature from the American gendarme of the region to the main and central factor in the fight against the Zionist-American domination and the expulsion of this dominant and glaring force from the region was started."

He further stated: "In fact, all normalization plans and the Deal of the century and the Abraham Accords Peace Agreement were crushed by the strong fortress of this blessed alliance of the school of resistance."

The representative of the Hamas movement in Tehran also said: "The resistance showed that it has more presence and is much more accepted among the people of the nation than the plans of humiliation and compromise such as Oslo accords and the so-called a two-state solution."

He continued: "American elites and the American government do not envision any vision and horizon for a two-state solution, and on the other hand, this plan is not acceptable to the majority of Palestinians. Now, I don't know how it comes to the mind of a certain sheik or a certain official to talk about the two-state solution.

Qaddumi also stated: Therefore, we Palestinians reject and condemn these worthless comments and positions, as well as all conciliatory meetings with the Zionist regime that welcome the criminal characters of this regime, the last of which were in Chad and Sudan. And we condemn him.

The representative of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) in Tehran added: "All these successes have been and will be achieved thanks to the strategic participation of the Iranian Islamic Revolution and the brave men of the Palestinian resistance. A partnership that is facing a single enemy and with God's help and permission will create a bright future."

In the end, he said: "We are in a historical and sensitive stage, and the enemies, due to the decline of their spatial and temporal power, want to reverse the course of history and draw the map of the region in such a way that superiority of The Zionist regime will be realized on all the components of the region, but that too after the axis of resistance was able to crush them. The future definitely belongs to those heroes who win with their blood and not with concessions. 


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