Islamabad (IP) - Pakistani people held mourning rituals for the anniversary of the passing away of Lady Zaynab (SA) with the Iranian maddah chanting elegy on her excellency's occasion.

Iran PressAsia: In the ceremony held on Monday in the Al-Sadegh Center of Islamabad, a number of famous Pakistani maddahs participated with Mahdi Rasouli from Iran chanting elegies on the demise anniversary of Lady Zaynab, Imam Hossein's (AS) sister. 

Iranian maddahs are popular among the Pakistani Shia people, therefore people from Islamabad and Rawalpindi attended the ceremony. 

January 6, 2023, coincided with Rajab 15, 1444, is the demise anniversary of Lady Zaynab (AS), who is Prophet Muhammad's (PBUH) granddaughter, and Imam Ali's (AS) and Lady Fatima's (SA) daughter. 

Lady Zaynab is the one who preserved the justice- and freedom-seeking message of Imam Hussain (AS) after his martyrdom, while suffering the loss of her beloved ones in the Karbala Battle.  

The tortures she suffered in capture after the martyrdom of his brother, did not make her get cold feet in uncovering the oppressions of then-tyrant Yazid I and disseminating the justice-seeking message of Imam Hussain (AS).  

She is the role model of patience and authority for the Muslim people, especially the Shia people. 


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