Tehran (IP) - Iran's President says the emphasis on the common points of all divine religions can bring about the country's unity and realize the freedom of the religions that is mentioned in the constitution.

Iran PressIran news: Delivering a speech among the leaders on monotheistic religions in Iran on Monday, Ebrahim Raisi said that today, those who commit crimes in the name of Jews in Palestine have nothing to do with Moses, and those who kill people in the name of Christ have no relationship with Jesus Christ.

"Whoever commits a crime in the name of Sunni, Shia, Christian, Jew, and Zoroastrian has nothing to do with the divine and monotheistic religions. They carry holy names for they are mischievous. Christianity, Judaism, and Islam hate these atrocities," Raisi pointed out. 

Still, he referred to the West insults to Islam and said that the insult to Islam was an insult to all divine religions and that insulting people's beliefs was not freedom of speech, but insulting all believers.

Raisi appreciated the positions taken by the leaders of the divine religions in support of Islam and their condemnation of the desecrations. 

He highlighted the victory of the Islamic Revolution and said Imam Khomeini kicked off a movement 43 years ago to build a society that was away from oppression, noting that during the period, the world's arrogant powers did their utmost so to prevent an Islamic society from being formed but they failed.


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