Iran's Amir-Hossein Zare in the 125kg weight of the 2023 Zagreb Open Freestyle Championship won the gold medal after his Azeri competitor refrained from wrestling.

Iran PressEurope: Zare in his first match beat Milan Kursuk from Hungary 11-1 and in his second game won the match 10-nil against Kamil Kusiulik from Hungary to reach the semifinal.

In the semifinal, he beat Daneil Ligti from Hungary 9-2 to reach the final.

After Zare's competitor from the Azerbaijan Republic, Georgi Mishvildi did not attend the round mattress, the Iranian wrestler won the gold medal of his weight mightily.

Earlier on Thursday, Iranian wrestlers Reza Atri, Hassan Yazdani, and Ali Savadkouhi had won gold medals, and Amir-Ali Arapira had a silver medal in these games.

Iran has won 4 gold and two silver medals in the Zagreb Open Freestyle Championship, which also has the United World Wrestling (UWW) ranking.

The Greco-Roman matches of the games will begin on Friday morning, and Iran is participating with 18 wrestlers.