An Iranian scientist has been awarded the 2023 Benjamin Franklin Medal for his achievements in electronic engineering.

Iran PressIran News: University of Pennsylvania scientist Nader Engheta received the medal in electronic engineering for his work on novel materials that interact with electromagnetic waves in unprecedented ways, with broad applications in ultrafast computing and communication technologies, The Franklin Institute announced on Friday.

The Benjamin Franklin Medal is the oldest comprehensive science and technology Award, which is being awarded to researchers and scientists due to their achievements. Big names such as theoretical physicist Albert Einstein, American inventor Nikola Tesla, Polish-French physicist Marie Curie, inventor Orville Wright, and inventor Alexander Graham Bell had won the award.

Engheta is among nine laureates recognized by The Franklin Institute of Philadelphia for outstanding achievements in science, engineering, and industry.

The Iranian scientist has been selected as a 2023 recipient of the Benjamin Franklin Medal, one of the world's oldest science and technology awards.

The laureates will be honored on April 27 at a ceremony at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia.