Tehran (IP) - Iran's President says that performing prayers with its all soul must be manifested in all dimensions of the Muslims' daily life, including their social, economic, political, and work life.

Iran PressIran News: Ebrahim Raisi considered performing the prayers as the obeyance of the divine orders and said such persons are considered in society as the ones who live purely and away from corruption. 

Raisi made the remarks while delivering a speech at the 29th National Prayer Conference on Thursday, January 26, 2023.

He referred to the functions of saying prayers in society including in the administrative, economic, and social systems, noting that keeping away from corruption and being saved from social harm were the fruits of prayer. 

Raisi considered the pragmatic aspect of prayer in the official's behavior and said that in case the authorities' actions were in tally with their belief in saying prayers, it would lead to a high social capital for the country. 

President noted that what made the Iranian people, especially the youth, resistant against the enemies during the 8-year war imposed on the country, was their paying attention to prayer. 

Raisi said that the administration was also dutiful to devote time to fulfilling the orders of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution with regard to the promotion of prayer performance. 


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