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Tehran (IP)- Iran's Minister of Education said that we are ready to cooperate and interact with Nicaragua in the field of education.

Iran PressIran News: Yusuf Nouri in a meeting with his Nicaraguan counterpart said that Iran will transfer the technology of "Shad" educational program to Nicaragua.

Nouri, the Minister of Education added that in the last few decades, Iran and Nicaragua have always been fighting against global arrogance, and this resistance has preserved the independence of the two countries.

The Minister of Education reminded that on the recommendation of the leader and the presidency, we will try to establish friendly relations with the countries of the resistance front.

Condemning the cruel sanctions against the Islamic Republic of Iran, Yusuf Nouri emphasized that Iran has made good progress in various fields such as increasing the educational environment and eradicating illiteracy in the same environment of sanctions.

Appreciating the recent development in Nicaragua's education, the minister of education added it is a good thing that Nicaragua has a diverse curriculum for different segments of society.

Nouri concluded that Iran and Nicaragua have a good capacity for cooperation.


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