$2.5 billion more US military aid is headed to Ukraine, but no tanks are included in the package.

Iran PressEurope: The Biden administration has announced another huge military aid package for Ukraine, totaling $2.5 billion and including close to 150 more armored vehicles -- but not the tanks that Ukraine has been requesting.

The US believes its Abrams tanks are not suited for Ukraine's fight against Russia, but America's efforts to have Germany instead allow its Leopard 2 tanks to be transferred to Ukraine have not been successful so far, ABC News reported.

In recent weeks, the US and other countries have committed hundreds of armored vehicles to the next phase in the war that, come springtime, could see attempts to launch counteroffensives to break the stand-off in eastern Ukraine.

The $2.5 billion package announced Thursday night includes 90 Stryker armored vehicles, 59 more Bradley infantry fighting vehicles, 53 mine-resistant vehicles and 350 Humvees. The aid also includes eight more Avenger air defense systems and missiles for the NASAM system to counter Russia’s continued missile attacks against Ukraine’s civilian infrastructure.

The day earlier, Germany said it will send German-made tanks to Ukraine so long as the United States agrees to do likewise, a government source in Berlin told Reuters, as NATO partners remained out of step over how best to arm Ukraine in its war against Russia.

Germany says it will send German-made tanks to Ukraine as long as the United States agrees to do likewise.


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